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How Can I Set My Epson Printer the Default One ?

You should set your Epson printer as the default one to use most often on your PC. It will allow the print jobs to print directly to your printer without being selected the printer for every document you print from the installed program. It’s especially required when you have various printers installed on the system because you will be reminded to choose the printer for every print job that will instantly become annoying. Setting the Epson printer as a default one is the simple process on the Windows system and needs no special technical skills, yet, you can still obtain the Epson printer customer services if necessary.

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 Know how to set Epson printer as default one

The Epson default printer should be the one you frequently use in the course of your standard operations. Every program in Windows will ask you to choose the printer for every print task. You won’t see that if you have the default printer set, as you can just click the ‘Print’ option without having to go through the print job configuration procedure. Setting the default printer will become an essential if you have various printers installed on the network or system. The following steps will allow you to know how to configure the default printer.

  1. Click the Windows ‘Start’ button and choose the ‘Devices and Printers’ option to open the printer setup window.
  2. Right-click the Epson printer icon to make it default one. Click the ‘Set as a default printer’ via the context menu.

Now, a green checkmark will display on the Epson printer icon right side stating that it has been setup successfully as the default printer for the PC.

Switching Printers

You can also print on any other rather than your default Epson printer by selecting the ‘Print Setup’ option under the Windows application and choosing the new printer under the setup window. It will override the default printer settings temporarily for that print job only. If you give the direct print command without configuring the printer, your Epson printer will still be chosen.

Other Considerations

You can also set another printing machine to the default one whenever you want and can delete the settings of default printer from the Setup window under the Control Panel. It gives you flexibility while running the various mass printing and might even be helpful for single print jobs if you’re operating the color printer and an individual a laser printer.

However, if these steps didn’t work to set your Epson printer as a default one or you’re getting the wireless Epson printer installation issues, you should contact the Epson customer support team to solve out all problems easily and efficiently.


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