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7 Handy Steps to Protect Gmail Account with McAfee Antivirus

McAfee’s antivirus programs contain an option that allows you to protect against malware and viruses when you’re accessing the Internet or doing the web-based tasks, such as you’re using your Gmail account. While Gmail messages don’t indicate about any danger, the McAfee Internet Security programs scan the attached files to the messages when you access them from the Gmail’s official site. This safeguard is included in all McAfee antivirus offerings, such as Internet Security, Antivirus Plus, All Access and Total Protection. In the case of any McAfee queries, you can contact McAfee customer service number and seek the help. Here’s how to protect Gmail account with McAfee.

McAfee customer support number

  1. Access the McAfee program’s interface by clicking on the McAfee icon twice in the notification area of the desktop taskbar. If you don’t find the icon in the taskbar, access the computer tray by clicking the indicator on the taskbar next to the clock.
  2. Click on the ‘Virus and Spyware Protection’ surface of the main window, and then click the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ heading. Check to ensure that the real-time scanning is set to ‘On.’ If it’s set to ‘Off,’ then click the ‘Turn On’ option to enable it.
  3. Click the ‘Settings’ tab, and then put a checkmark in the box beside the ‘Email Attachments’ in the section labeled as the ‘Scan These Attachments and Locations.’ This setting creates McAfee to scan the file attachments that you download from the Gmail, such as image files shown in your messages.
  4. Put a check mark next to the ‘Instant Messaging Attachments’ box so that the McAfee program scans all attachments you get when using the chat feature of Gmail.
  5. Move down to the ‘Instant Messaging Attachments’ section, and then ensure there is a checkmark in the box beside the ‘Spyware and Other Potentially Unwanted Programs.’
  6. Click on the ‘Apply’ option, followed by the ‘Home’ link to go to the main screen, and then click on the ‘Web and Email Protection’ tab. Then, click on the ‘Firewall’ tab.
  7. Check that the firewall is configured to ‘On.’ If, however, it’s set to ‘Off,’ then click on the ‘Turn On’ option to enable it. The firewall allows preventing Internet access to the system by unauthorized users who can try to obtain your username and password from the hard drive or via other methods, such as keylogging programs.

Note: –  The information is provided here is applied to almost all McAfee programs. Processes may differ with other products and versions.  However, if you may get that your Gmail isn’t working as earlier after configuring the firewall or you’re having any functional issues, then call on the McAfee Antivirus customer support number and seek the solution to solve all problems associated with your antivirus programs.


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