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Why is Lexmark Printer not Connecting to Computer via USB Ports

Usually, when you connect new peripherals on the system, the process continues smoothly and produces new functionality. However, in most cases, you reach the final installation steps and discover that the device you want to use doesn’t work as expected. When you install a Lexmark printer to the system using USB and find that your USB ports don’t recognize it, the problem may be related to your computer or the printer itself. At such time, you can get in touch with the team of technicians by dialing the Lexmark customer service number and get the solutions in the proper manner.

Lexmark customer service number

USB Version

USB available in three generations and each one is quicker than the last. Relying on the printer and your system stage, each one has USB 1.1, 2, or 3 ports. If the connection of both devices doesn’t make counterpart, the faster port must downshift to put up the slower, but in fact, it does not always happen, particularly if your printer uses the new USB specification. Check the requirements for your printer’s connection and connect it to the faster port if required. Also, consult the Lexmark technical support team of you have any queries.

USB Cable

A USB cable can set up being tightened in knots, wrapped across warming vents, run over the furniture casters or squeezed between the wall and your desk. Even the fresh package, they can be faulty and still seem brand new. To fix the misbehaving Lexmark printer, change its cable to make an easy fix, and take the faulty cabling out of the service so that you can use it again.

Initialization Sequence

Some printers work as if they’re the necessary part of the computer system. They expect to be turned on before you start your PC, and if you don’t anticipate for their startup requirements, you will not be able to see the installed peripherals. Search for follow-ups on boot sequencing in the user manual for the output hardware, make a rational note of any exceptional disclaimers, and then restart your PC in the proper order.


If you depend on the driver program version that distributes on the disc along with a printer or the default software that included in the operating system, you may be using an outdated or old version that offers less compatibility with the hardware and operating system. Any time you add the new or reinstall existing devices, go to the manufacturer’s website for checking the driver updates and other new files. Your Lexmark printer may not work and allow the document to process for printouts without the best driver support.

In that case, the problem isn’t resolved even after following all solutions, and the USB ports don’t recognize your Lexmark printer after installation, you can ask the help of technicians by dialing the Lexmark printer customer support number and solve out your printer related problems instantly.


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