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4 Top steps to change Default Gmail Account

Changing Default Gmail Account is quite easy and we can do it by following some of the effective steps. If you are looking to change default Gmail Account or how to set default Gmail account, you are at the right place; this blog will help you out in finding the best way to do so. Considering how famous Gmail is today, many Gmail users are turning to have multiple accounts. Sometime before, there never used to be an alternative for accessing various accounts simultaneously. To access another account, you had to first log out of the current account &then log into another account. With Google’s feature of numerous accounts, you can ignore the irritation of logging in and out of every time you need to switch accounts. But then there will be times when you want to change the default Gmail account. For getting quick solutions for the same, you can call at 800 number for Gmail support Search easily.

Reasons to change Default Gmail Account

There can be various motives to change the default Gmail account. Such as, you might use the work account as the default sign-in. But you happen to use the personal mail more often than the work mail and every time you use Gmail, you will have to login with the personal mail ID credentials to change to another account. You can get free of the same by changing Gmail Account. Whatever be the reason, knowing how to change default Gmail account always assists.

Step-by-step illustration

  • Open Google in the browser. At the top right corner, you will observe the current default account.

  • Now, sign out of the accounts you have signed in with. To do this, just hit on the profile image visible in the top left corner. And then select ‘Sign Out’ option.

Note: While signing out of the account & changing the default account setting, ensure you are not in Incognito mode.

  • Now, all you need to do to change the default Gmail account is to sign in with the account you need to set as the ‘default.’

  • Then, add other accounts by hitting on ‘Add account option.’

And there you go! You have now effectively changed the default Gmail account. After all, the answer to ‘how to change default Gmail account’ is simple and forthright, as you just guessed it out! In four simple steps, it is shown you how to change the default Gmail account.

For getting more useful tips on the topic, you just have to call the experts at the Gmail Customer Service 800 Number. The tech experts at Gmail support are highly efficient in getting you the best options then and there. You can call them at any time as they are available for you 24×7. If this option does not seem easier, you can search the web for more probable options. There are many online directories such as Contactforservice that helps you in searching the exact customer care phone numbers of the brands. The services are available for the users in the US & Canada.



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