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How to set Yahoo as your homepage?

Yahoo mail has been a hot favorite of many users because of its incredible features and easy to use interface. It offers its users the ability to send and receive messages with ease and without any further hurdles. If you use Yahoo a lot than any other browser, you might want to alter the browser home page to the Yahoo website. This will straightaway permit you to access Yahoo services whenever you begin your browser. The procedure varies depending on the browser you normally use. For more info on this, you can call at the Yahoo Support Phone Number with ease. Now, we will see some of the steps to make Yahoo the homepage:


  • Firstly, clickon the ‘Chrome Menu button’ (three horizontal lines)&select ‘Settings.’ This will open the Chrome settings in a new tab.

  • Now check the ‘Show Home button’ box. You will see this in the ‘Appearance’segment. The Home button will come up to the left of the address bar.

  • Click on the ‘Change’ link that seemsbelow the box. This will permit you to set the page that opens when you click on the Home button.

  • Choose ‘Open this page’& enter the Yahoo! Page you want to begin on. Now, enter the Yahoo! address that you want to set as the home page

  • Choose ‘Open a specific page or set of pages’ in the ‘On startup’segment. This will permit you to set Chrome to load Yahoo! when you begin it for the first time.

  • Now, click on the ‘Set pages’ link. You will be able to enter addresses to open when Chrome begins. Each address you enter will initiate in a separate tab.

  • Enter in the Yahoo! Pages you want to load when Chrome initiates. These pages will load every time Chrome begins for the first time.

Internet Explorer

  • Firstly, click on the Tools menu or the Gear button & just select the ‘Internet Options.’

  • Enter the Yahoo address that you need to set into the ‘Homepage’ area. it is important to see this at the top of the ‘General’ tab. You can enter many addresses, each on their line.

  • Make sure that ‘Start with home page’ is chosen. You will see this in the ‘Startup’ segment of the ‘General’ tab. This will open the Yahoo page whenever Internet Explorer begins.

  • Lastly, click on ‘OK’ to save the changes. The new homepage will be set, and Yahoo will load whenever Internet Explorer begins

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