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5 Easy Steps to Calibrate a Canon Printer

For doing the regular work in a business office, a printing machine can be a necessary part. Therefore, when your printer starts printing documents falsely, it’s essential to rectify the printer problems as quickly as possible. The process of calibration will ensure that the documents you’re printing are crunchy tinted correctly. However, if you’re using a Canon printer, you can calibrate it directly via the printing without making use of the system. To do so, either you can call at the Canon printer support number or follow up the instructions given below.

Calibrate A Canon Printer

  1. Turn on your Canon printer and let it one or two minutes to start its initialization process.
  2. Put a paper sheet in the feeder if there’s not present already. The printer will require this for calibration last in the procedure.
  3. Press ‘Menu’ and use the inbuilt scroll wheel to choose the ‘Adjust Printer’ option, followed by the ‘Calibration’ option.
  4. Once the next set of options appears on the screen, choose the ‘Auto Adjust’ option and then click the ‘Yes’ button.
  5. Press ‘OK’ on the printer to start the calibration procedure. Now, try to print a test sheet. See the test page to ensure the colors appear correct, and everything is conventional.

These instructions might not appropriate for all models of Wireless Canon printer. If you want to get detailed assistance specific to the printer, consult the IT professionals at the Canon customer care and seek the further solutions regarding your printer.


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