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Why the Epson r350 Printer does not Print Thick Paper?

Printers offer reliable service that becomes a habituated part of our day to day needs. If the hardware suddenly refuses to feed thick paper or Inkjet paper into the output mechanism, plan on substituting diagnostic procedures for page output until you track down the source of the issue. It happens with the Epson r350 printer as well; it denies accepting thick paper because of some unknown reasons. These symptoms cause ranging from hardware configuration to paper selection. It is advisable to examine Epson r350 and the media carefully to locate and correct the reason the printer has lost its appetite. For more info on the topic, you can call the experts at the Epson printer customer service number directly.

printer does not print heavy paper


Paper Feed Mechanism Setup

Some of the printers have feed guides, paper support and other mechanisms designed to promote proper paper handling. If you over- or under-tighten these guides, the paper feeds inappropriately or not at all. Paper supports on the printer with vertical feed paths assist them to load sheets from an insert slot atop the printer. You must extend these supports into their working position to let the printer to pick up media properly from the paper slot.

Inappropriate Media

If the paper is quite thick or if it is media that the printer cannot accommodate, it might fail to feed correctly because of the dimensions or surface properties. The hardware and software adjustments to accommodate premium photo paper, which runs thicker than the typical sheets these devices, take. If the user attempts to print using the wrong settings, the paper might not move at all. Similarly, if you try to print on a media type, such as transparency film, that the printer can’t handle, your outcomes will prove disappointing.

Dirty Rollers

Another reason would be the rollers getting dirty. If the rollers become soiled with ink dust or other impurities from the environment in which the Epson printer operates, this functionality becomes compromised. There is always a user guide to help in getting the idea on how to clean the rollers. So follow it and clean the roller properly to continue the task.

Other Considerations

  • The Printer needs a firm, level surface to promote proper operation.
  • Accidentally loading one-sided media with the wrong side presented to the feed mechanism also may cause problems.
  • Avoid damaged or damp paper, or sheets from a package stored under a heavy weight.

If you still find yourself doubtful about the issue, you can straightaway dial the direct Epson printer support number to get valuable suggestions for the same. The tech experts are quite talented and help you in finding the best solutions whenever you want. If this option seems unsatisfactory, you can search the web for some online web dictionaries to help you out. One of the most searched and used dictionaries available on the Internet is the Contactforservice that deals in offering the reliable customer care numbers of the required brands by the users residing in the US and Canada. The search is quick and you can find the desired numbers easily.


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