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Troubleshoot your Internet connection Issues on Cisco Router

Wi-Fi connection issues can be annoying, mainly if it happens at the worst potential time, for example, when you wish to send an email urgently or complete your work related to the Internet to meet a deadline. Well, no worry, some of the wireless connection issues can often be solved rather quickly. The most common kinds of networking issues faced by the Cisco router users are:

  • No Internet Connection – you’re unable to find/ connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Unstable Connection – wireless signal often drops out.
  • Limited or No Internet Access – you can’t access the Internet even after having the connection.
  • Internet Access and Wireless Connection but No VPN

If you have a red X on the Wi-Fi network icon on your computer’s status bar, the problem may be either end of the computer or the Cisco router itself. At such time, you can contact the Cisco customer support number and get the hassle-free solution regarding your Internet connection.

Cisco customer support number

  • Checking the Wi-Fi Radio is On
    At first, ensure that you have the switch or function key to turn on or off the Wi-Fi connection on your laptop. Also, check that it’s turned on. Sometimes, it may be turned off by the power management settings. If it’s, then try to fix it permanently by accessing the Power Option and then change the settings to enable it. If you have a USB wireless network adapter, check it’s connected appropriately. On the smartphone device, you should make sure whether the Wi-Fi is enabled in the main settings of your phone.
  •   Trying to get closer to the Cisco router
    Sometimes, interference, which is created by the walls, Windows, furniture, wireless phones, microwave, metal objects and all kinds of other obstacles, can slow the Internet connection by affecting its Wi-Fi signal strength. If possible, then move closer to the Cisco router. If you’re using the home network connection, try to place the router in the central position of your house.
  •   Restarting/ resetting the Cisco wireless router
    If you’re using the Cisco wireless router, restart it to connect the Internet. Sometimes, electrical or climate interference can change your wireless equipment to the default state. In that case, you should try to connect your router via the default settings, which can be accessed via the IP address. If you’re able to access the default settings, you should again set up the custom configurations, such as WPA wireless security.
  •   Checking the SSID
    Usually, your system or Internet-based devices will automatically find the new existing Wi-Fi network and allow you to select one to connect to. However, some of the networks are set up to be hidden. If you’re unable to find the network’s name, then try to locate the SSID and security key to making an internet connection. If you don’t find, add the wireless network manually.
  •  Checking your Network Card Obtaining TCP/IP settings
    Cisco wireless routers are configured as DHCP servers, which let systems and other devices to connect the network, so users have no need to set up their IP addresses manually. So, check the TCP/IP settings of your Wi-Fi network to ensure that your adapter is obtaining settings from the DHCP server automatically.
  •  Updating your Wi-Fi drivers and OS
    Sometimes, outdated drivers can cause issues with your router not connecting to the Internet. At such time, firstly you should upgrade your system. The Windows Update will suggest you update for both network adapter and operating system. You can also go the Cisco’s official site to check if there is any firmware update available.
  •   Contacting the Cisco Support
    If your all efforts went futile and you’re still facing Internet connection problems with your Cisco router, then get in touch with the router experts by calling at the Cisco router tech support phone number and get the quick troubleshooting to fix your wireless connection issues.

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